Donna Tartt:  The secret history   4,5/5

Gillian Flynn: Sharp objects   3,5/5

Gillian Flynn:  Gone girl     5/5

Kevin Guilfoile:  Cast of shadows     4,5/5

Mark Danielewski: House of leaves   4/5

Adam Ross:  Mr. Peanut   5/5

Marisha Pessl:  Night film   5/5

Emma Donoghue:  Room 4,5/5

A S A Harisson:  The silent wife    4,25/5

Don Chaon:  Await your reply   4/5

SJ Watson: Before I go to sleep 3/5

Rosamunt Lupton: Sister  3,5/5

Sara Gran: Dope  3,5/5

Alex Garland:  The beach   4/5

Daphne Du Maurier:  Rebecca   4,75/5

Sarah Waters:  Fingersmith   4/5

Dennis Lehane:  Mystic river  5/5



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