Second hand mythology

Teach history as if history teaches you:

that mankind is still wailing the desert,

still walking its Exodus, still stalking a god

who created earth in 6 days and then fell asleep eternally,

making universe bleed internally.

‘Après moi le déluge’ God said  and turned his head. Leaving us with oceans of hours to realise that history is not His story, its ours.

And while we walk this infinite Sunday, limping our way through time,

we take 2 steps forward one step back:


+1 the first settlements

+2 the rise of empires

-1 imperialism


+1 Industrial revolution

+2 Technological evolution

-1 Ecological breakdown


+1 prosperity

+2 health care

-1 overpopulation


Out here in the West we forget to feel, that consumption is our Achilles’ heel

and every time we kneel for banks and dollar

Goliath grows taller and David smaller.

Thus teach us to walk tall, yet respect all things small.

Teach us that for half a century it’s been five to twelve now.

That humanity became a gigantic, packed Trojan horse evolving towards the sun – wrapped as a poisoned present for the Gods on a run. Teach us that 1 Icarus times 7 billion equals mankind. Teach us to practice what you preach, that in the end no man is left behind.

With few Phoenix’s to rise up from this globe, Few  heroes to guide us through concrete labyrinths with Ariadne’s rope. So many teachers needed to restore hope.

So reach us, unleash us, teach us

Not to kneel but to feel

not to steal but to heal

Not to avoid but to involve

Not to exploit but to evolve

Teach us … to teach


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