Booksounds for Lebowski Publishers

These playlists are commissioned by Lebowski Publishers for its literary rediscoveries.

A dreamlike decline from Argentinian melancholia via Paraguayan loneliness towards madness

A 1958 cocktail of smokey jazz clubs on Central Avenue LA, matadors in Tijuana and a destructive descent by a tormented young woman

A dark descent into an urban jungle

scorching, psychedelic summer in California ’69

Nostalgia, melancholy, seasons, beauty, friendship

A sunday afternoon walk: between weltschmerz and lightness 

A nomadic journey from old Europe to New York  

Women, love, 50s, 60s, soul, jazz

Men, love, 50s, 60s, soul, jazz

Latin roadtrippin’ to poetry, psychedelia & pueblos

Into the Wild West

Only lesser known and surprising love & heartbreak songs

Sounds of the city (New York, El Paso, Mexico DF) 

Love between sad & edgy

Between dusk and dawn

Classical, playfull, nostalgia, light, memory, childhood

Music in a British village: from John Dowland to Davy Graham 

Alternate history novel: Japan and Germany have won WWII and rule the world. So only German & Japanese artists & Japanese inspired music  

Entartete Kunst: all composers in this playlist were banned or persecuted or even murdered by the Nazis during WWII and the Holocaust

In samenwerking met de Klara-luisteraars

Into Ancient Rome

Avant garde, laconic, Kafkaesque. Come play on planet Mingus


4 thoughts on “Booksounds for Lebowski Publishers

    1. Dag Jeroen, dank voor je bericht. Ik wist dat er iets aan de policy van 8tracks was veranderd, maar had tot voor kort nog niet gemerkt dat ook de playlists op mijn site (en op die van Lebowski publishers) niet langer buiten de VS kunnen beluisterd worden. Ik ga op zoek naar een alternatief. Mixcloud of zo… Spotify heeft nl te weinig van de door mij gekozen tracks in hun bestand. Ik hou je op de hoogte. Zeer spijtig dit… al dat werk.
      Vriendelijke groet,


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